Roman blinds

Roman blind with custom design 


  • Textiles (high-quality synthetic polyester)
  • Metal and plastic for the mechanism mounted on the blind

Proposed features:

  • Roman blind with integrated mechanism
  • 12 fabric textures to choose from (cotton, celvet, satin, wool & linen)
  • 6 with anti-fire treatment M1 certification
  • Digital sublimation printing

Virtuoz'Art proposes an all-inclusive model of Roman blinds with an integrated white mechanism.

The blinds measure between 500 mm and 2000 mm in width and it is possible to choose a large one for a sliding glass door, for example, or two for each panel of a window that opens in the middle.

Our Roman blinds are a modern and clutter-free way of dressing up openings, not to mention the practical side they offer with the choice between two types of available mechanisms: semi-automatic or electrical. 

We propose customized replication of your favorite artwork based on the measurements of your blinds. It can be done after choosing from 12 fabric textures and an optional inner satin lining for each panel.
After more than 12 months, our expert team has chosen 12 Virtuoz'Art fabrics, which were selected in order to use the best method for digital sublimation printing on synthetic polyester. The choice was made according to very specific qualitative standards like textures (cotton, velvet, satin, silk, wool & linen), high-quality rendering of the artworks and high abrasion resistance - Martindale test.

Furthermore, 6 of the proposed fabrics are with fire-resistant treatment M1 certification (presence of the logo in their presentation label) and can be used in public reception area (cafes, hotels, restaurants, companies, etc.)

Fabric sublimation is an advanced digital printing technique, which consists in printing images on a polyester fabric medium using inks that are specially designed to vaporize under the influence of heat and pressure: they are thus embedded into the mesh of the textile, without modifying either its quality or feel. 
The images are reproduced in a high resolution, with vivid colors and have an outstanding durability. 

The sublimation method is also environmentally friendly: the inks used are manufactured with water and the printed media are made from polyester (a more environmentally friendly material than cotton, for example, whose cultivation requires large amounts of water and pesticides).


Customized roman blinds
Artist Florence Cadène - Frères et sœurs





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