Working desks prestige

Working desks prestige

Material :

  • Solid Surface  (compound material composed of acrylic resin and Bauxite powder)
  • Customized dimensions in rectangular and square format : 300 cm max length x 100 cm max width x 12 mm thick
  • Digital sublimation tinting

Virtuoz’Art offers the working desks prestige made of Solid Surface, whose neutral original color is similar to creamy white marble, and which is used for an exceptional customized design, with digital sublimation tinting.

The rectangular and square designs proposed correspond to the market standards, and are perfectly adaptable to executive offices.

The sublimation is an advanced digital printing technique which consists to transfer a digital illustration in a Solid Surface panel in order to create a permanent mass-coloured image in the material with inks specially designed to get converted into a gas under the influence of pressure and temperature. They are deeply embedded in the material, that do not affect its quality and provide a great fit.

The images are reproduced in a high resolution, with vivid colors and have an outstanding durability.


Customized working desk prestige Decorative working desks prestiges office
Artist Christian Chaufheid - Cch-art 16
Artist Andrée Hugret - Zenais





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