Supports d'objets d'art


1. Private customers

1.1. What is exactly Virtuoz’art ?

1.2. Which type of objects can we customize a photo ?

1.3. Can I customize the object with a photo of my choice ?

1.4. In what context Virtuoz'Art can answer to my need

1.5. For whom is Virtuoz'Art intended ?

1.6. Is it hard to customize the product ?

1.7. In what part of the house can we customize with Virtuoz'Art"s objects ?

2. Professionnals

2.1. What are the main innovations for the professionnals in interior architecture ?

2.2. Express your professional expertise with your customer through an original and excellent customized decoration

2.2.1 Architects and interior decorators

2.2.2. Showrooms bathroom and kitchen

2.2.3. Hotels

2.2.4. Events

2.2.5. Point of sale / Commercial architecture agencies

2.2.6. Cafés, breweries and market restaurants

2.2.7. Shops

2.2.8. Places of entertainment

2.2.9. Tilesetters / Renovation / Construction industries

2.2.10. Pool builders



1. How to use the website ?

2. How to find the list of contemporary or classical artworks ?

3. There's not the artwork I'm looking for, what should I do ?



1. 12 Customized fabrics per linear meter   (Furniture - Clothing - Wall tapestry)

2. 6 Customized decorated armchairs 

3. Customized headboards

4. Washbasins for bathroom and toilets

5. Customized curtains

6. Customized japanese screens

7. Customized cushions

8. Customized carpets

9. Customized wallpapers

10. Customized wall tiles

11. Glass and resin mosaics

Are the wall mosaics on your site suitable for the interior and exterior of a house or apartment?

Exploit and sublimate your white walls with our glass mosaics and resin mosaics. You can decorate your bathroom wall, your steam room, your sauna, your pool floor or even your living room.

As a result, these mosaics will allow you to decorate your interior and exterior with excellence, while adding a touch of originality to your rooms.

The online creation on our website of your bathroom mosaics, kitchen mosaics, living room mosaics, garden mosaics, or mosaics swimming pool will perfectly meet your desires for decoration and your needs!


What printing technique is used on glass mosaics ?

Our glass mosaics are decorated on the back of the tiles (part fixed to the wall) which allows to ensure an optimal life with a total protection of external aggressions.

Sublimation printing offers a high-definition rendering of your glass mosaic decoration with the online creation tool.

glass mosaic resin mosaic
Glass mosaic
Resin mosaic


12. Customized wall hangings

13. Customized round and oval lampshades

14. Customized table mats

15. Customized table centerpieces





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