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1. Private customers

1.1. What is exactly Virtuoz’art ?

1.2. Which type of objects can we customize a photo ?

1.3. Can I customize the object with a photo of my choice ?

1.4. In what context Virtuoz'Art can answer to my need

1.5. For whom is Virtuoz'Art intended ?

1.6. Is it hard to customize the product ?

1.7. In what part of the house can we customize with Virtuoz'Art"s objects ?

2. Professionnals

2.1. What are the main innovations for the professionnals in interior architecture ?

2.2. Express your professional expertise with your customer through an original and excellent customized decoration

2.2.1 Architects and interior decorators

2.2.2. Showrooms bathroom and kitchen

2.2.3. Hotels

2.2.4. Events

2.2.5. Point of sale / Commercial architecture agencies

2.2.6. Cafés, breweries and market restaurants

2.2.7. Shops

2.2.8. Places of entertainment

2.2.9. Tilesetters / Renovation / Construction industries

2.2.10. Pool builders



1. How to use the website ?

2. How to find the list of contemporary or classical artworks ?

3. There's not the artwork I'm looking for, what should I do ?



1. 12 Customized fabrics per linear meter   (Furniture - Clothing - Wall tapestry)

2. 6 Customized decorated armchairs 

3. Customized headboards

4. Customized washbasins for bathroom and toilets

5. Customized curtains

6. Customized japanese screens

7. Customized cushions

8. Customized carpets

9. Customized wallpapers

10. Customized wall tiles

11. Customized glass and resin mosaics

12. Wall hangings

I wish to have a wall hanging with a particular decor, do you respond to this specific need?

Virtuoz Art allows you to customize your fabric supports according to your desires to decorate your home, and celebrate as well as possible a particular event (eg wall hanging wedding anniversary) or to create an exceptional souvenir from photos of your choice : wall hanging mandala, Indian wall hanging, hippie wall hanging, macrame wall hanging, psychedelic wall hanging, wall hanging tree of life, etc ...

The personalized wall hanging allows you to decorate your home in a trendy way. Add your personal touch by choosing the look of your custom wall hanging: a landscape image, a photo of your family or pet. 100% polyester, with weighting rod in finish, this wall hanging adapts to all your desires, the style of your home.

The decoration of your wall hanging will also depend on the atmosphere you want to translate with our very large choice of classic and contemporary works made available on our online creation site. You will find very easily what suits you by navigating on, with the style, the time and the atmosphere wished in our catalog of works of art available.

In conclusion, express your creativity! Looking for an oriental and chic atmosphere? Download a pattern for your Moroccan wall hanging. Want to give an Irish atmosphere to your living room? Upload a photo for your Celtic wall hanging. Looking for an original decoration, zen and bearer of symbol? Let yourself be inspired and guided by a spiritual ambience with a Buddha wall hanging or zen wall hanging. Do you want an African atmosphere at home? Let yourself be seduced by an African wall hanging.

The reproduction of images is in high definition by sublimation printing, with vibrant colors and for an exceptional lifetime.


Customized wall hanging hangings            Wall hanging Darkam Tentures murales personnalisées


13. Customized round and oval lampshades

14. Customized table mats

15. Customized table centerpieces





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